bruce jenner plastic surgery

Bruce Jenner has been showing off a brand new look recently, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t doing any favors for reputable plastic surgeons such as those that are featured in our network.   This is an example of plastic surgery being abused and an individual that appears to be having some identity issues.

Jenner’s most recent plastic surgery procedure involved having lips botoxed.  Not only that but the Washington Post cited that “…The patriarch of the Kardashian family and ex-husband of Kris Jenner has lately made some certain style choices. His hair is long and highlighted. He’s sported a French manicure. He wears diamond earrings and seemingly some lip gloss.”

There is speculation brewing that Jenner actually wishes to have a complete gender transformation and that everything will be fully documented on a new E! reality series.

Only time will tell if Bruce will reveal he is transgender or if this is all just a publicity stunt with false information being intentionally leaked.

We don’t recommend going the Bruce Jenner route if you are considering plastic surgery, but instead schedule a personal consultation with our recommended Raleigh, NC Plastic surgeon to talk over your goals and expectations.